There’s a lot of content available across Australia’s streaming services, with new TV shows and movies being added to Netflix and Stan regularly. Because of this, settling on something to watch each weekend can be somewhat daunting.

And, with the recent arrival of Amazon Prime Video to Australia, we can add a even more weekend streaming options to our list! 

To make your weekend streaming session as smooth and relaxing as possible, we’ve taken the liberty of highlighting the best new content added to Netflix, Stan and Amazon Prime Video this week.

So grab some popcorn, invite some friends over and get ready for an awesome weekend of non-stop streaming. Because really, going outside is for suckers.

Here are the best movies and TV shows to stream this weekend.

Streaming on Netflix

TV Shows

Crazyhead (Season 1): A hilarious new horror series from the creator of the hit show Misfits, Crazyhead sees two young women from Bristol team up to kick demon butt while simultaneously navigating their own personal lives. Kinda like Broad City meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer (only with a uniquely British sense of humour), Crazyhead has all the makings of a new cult classic.

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This is the End: How’s this for a comedy pitch: the apocalypse has arrived, and now Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel, James Franco, Jonah Hill, Craig Robinson and Danny McBride (all playing exaggerated versions of themselves, mind you) are stuck together at Franco’s Hollywood home. How long before they turn on each other? Better yet, who will get the biggest piece of the household’s last Milky Way? Hilarious and profane, fans of films like Pineapple Express and Superbad will love This is the End.

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Streaming on Stan

TV Shows

Sherlock (Season 4 premiere): Sherlock and Watson are back for the first episode of Sherlock’s fourth and final season! The stage has been set for an emotional and action-packed wrap up to the beloved series starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. The first new episode, titled ‘The Six Thatchers’ promises a truly shocking twist for one of the show’s main characters. 

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The Imitation Game: It’s a double-dosage of Benedict Cumberbatch on Stan this weekend! Up to date on Sherlock? Then we suggest checking out the newly-added film The Imitation Game, in which the ‘batch was nominated for an Academy Award for his portrayal of Alan Turing, father of modern computer science. The Imitation Game tells the fascinating true story of Turing’s accomplishments in decrypting German intelligence codes during World War II, and also delves into his hidden personal life.

Watch The Imitation Game on Stan

Streaming on Amazon Prime Video

TV Shows

Hand of God (Season 1): An Amazon Original series starring Ron Perlman (Hellboy, Sons of Anarchy), Hand of God follows a morally corrupt judge who believes God is sending him on the path of becoming a ruthless vigilante after a heinous crime is committed against his daughter-in-law. Teaming up with a violent ex-con, this judge is on a mission to seek a different kind of justice than the type he usually dishes out in the court room.

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The best movies and TV shows to stream this weekend