I’ve just wrapped-up two days of giving presentations at the LACUE conference in New Orleans. A huge thank you to the conference organizers for inviting me and to everyone who came to my presentations. If you’re curious about what I spoke about at the conference, my slides and brief notes are included below.

Best of the Web

I’m asked to do this presentation at every conference I go to. It highlights some of my favorite new tools and favorite tools updated in 2018.

[googleapps domain=”docs” dir=”presentation/d/e/2PACX-1vStAYPlC1KhCUFHtmsyUSNma_bBZbCW9b02vAidi30DlPLVB0gN2tVYv46sXxUC0SmGLxAPuZ_2eLOX/embed” query=”start=false&loop=false&delayms=3000″ width=”560″ height=”344″ /]

5 Ways to Blend Technology Into Outdoor Lessons

This is a presentation that I started giving at conference during the summer. It is increasing in popularity every time that I do it. Highlights of this presentation include incorporating augmented reality into outdoor lessons.

[googleapps domain=”docs” dir=”presentation/d/e/2PACX-1vRZW8r-Ym1y2O5FH-HLc4Cn68Bg2fuztjqcu9r8fvDg1ODEI9k-EesydR8lY8M1ZiZBDyNr_RptwG8A/embed” query=”start=false&loop=false&delayms=3000″ width=”560″ height=”344″ /]

Fast & Fun Formative Assessments

This is a perennial favorite that includes quite a bit of audience participation in the demonstration of various formative assessment tools.

[googleapps domain=”docs” dir=”presentation/d/e/2PACX-1vRT0yf1M7XzH4q__lEefmbOP1NGTX25GEeNpGw1wHlwjmGTyYfhdqVOhnxqI-Xzk5Tzm8sPr3QT1YjB/embed” query=”start=false&loop=false&delayms=3000″ width=”560″ height=”344″ /]

Worlds are Colliding: Introduction to AR & VR in Education

This presentation is exactly what it says on the tin. I feature some of the best ways to get your feet wet with augmented reality and virtual reality in education. I also include a bit of research in these fields in the presentation.

[googleapps domain=”docs” dir=”presentation/d/e/2PACX-1vT5W0NAAGPr1qVsTO7j8GxU5XPEFFmS5HGZlQ1qNMNhIfdpmlHOFFshc0SjvvEFDXTkH1xG5UEW8lTd/embed” query=”start=false&loop=false&delayms=3000″ width=”560″ height=”344″ /]

Quick & Powerful Video Projects

This presentation features five classroom video projects that you can do in a relatively short amount of time.

[googleapps domain=”docs” dir=”presentation/d/e/2PACX-1vQZAxVYDDFXkJaBi5WV3_G8UwnSsj-Ll9mb5inkSyldkQwIRtI3Cp0ajRa4RHH3oeRx6nijAWWv1Nkg/embed” query=”start=false&loop=false&delayms=3000″ width=”560″ height=”344″ /]

>> Source: Free Technology for Teachers