WikiLeaks: CIA hacked Apple devices in ways users cannot fix

New documents from WikiLeaks point to an apparent CIA program to hack Apple’s iPhones and Mac computers using techniques that users couldn’t disable by resetting their devices. >> Source: Fox News

Hisense 4K TV does Quantum Dot tech for way less

Following on from its impressive 4K ULED Series 7 TVs from last year, Hisense has kicked things up a notch in 2017 by announcing two new series in its 4K ULED range with more to come later in the year.

WikiLeaks' latest leak reveals alleged CIA exploits for Mac and iPhone [Updated]

WikiLeaks' latest leak reveals alleged CIA exploits for Mac and iPhone [Updated]

Update: Apple has sent us a statement regarding the latest WikiLeaks revelations. The company says its initial assessments show the alleged iPhone vulnerabilities described only affected the iPhone 3G and were fixed when the iPhone 3GS was launched in 2009.

Samsung Gear S3 Classic just got future-proofed with LTE

As big fashion names like Movado step into smartwatches and mainstays like Swatch are planning their own wearable OS, this past month has put the spotlight on wrist-mounted machines, and Samsung has ensured it won’t leave without an announcement of

The best free registry cleaner 2017

The best free registry cleaner 2017

Why clean the Windows registry? The Windows registry is a database containing almost all your PC’s hardware and software settings. (There are some exceptions, like portable apps, which keep their settings in a separate text file.) When you uninstall a

Apple denied the massive iCloud hack (but you should still change your password)

A hacker group claiming to have access to hundreds of millions of iCloud accounts threatened to remotely wipe iPhones associated to these accounts unless Apple pays a ransom amounting to up to $100,000 in cryptocurrency or iTunes gift cards.

Senate Moves to Permanently Kill the FCC's Broadband Privacy Rules

The Senate Thursday voted to roll back the Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC) broadband privacy rules designed to give consumers greater control over how internet service providers (ISPs) c… >> Source: Fox News

Wikileaks' 'Dark Matter' release reveals CIA efforts to infect the Mac

Wikileaks released another bundle of documents dubbed “Dark Matter.” This time, the organization turned an eye to Apple’s Mac, with a number of exploits that are both insidious and persistent. >> Source: Fox News

ISPs can now sell your browsing history without permission, thanks to these Senators

The US Senate has voted to overturn consumer privacy laws enacted last year by the FCC. >> Source: Fox News

Apple shines the spotlight on indie games on the App Store

Apple shines the spotlight on indie games on the App Store

There’s some good news for independent game developers – as of Thursday, Apple has launched new feature hubs just for indie games on the App Store which will run permanently. The sections dedicated to indie games include one for games