CORSAIR Offers Up Three New Configurations For CORSAIR ONE System

CORSAIR has updated its CORSAIR ONE small form factor tower with new components and created three new PRO system configurations. >> Source: Computer Power User

You can snag $200 off the 256GB iPhone 7 at JB Hi-Fi right now

If you’ve been thinking about upgrading to an iPhone 7 (but don’t want to lock yourself into a contract with the iPhone 8 looming), you’re in luck – as of right now, JB Hi-Fi is selling the iPhone 7 at a

This is what happens when you ask Siri to open up Google Assistant

We tested Google Assistant on iPhone at Google IO 2017, and walked away as impressed as we were with it on Google Pixel – except for one major flaw. You can’t open up Google Assistant hands-free from the lockscreen or

Google's Allo chat app now turns your selfies into personalized emojis

Sometimes a single emoji or sticker says it all when chatting online, but what if you could make your own custom ones with just a snap of your face? Google is introducing a new feature for its Allo chat app

Apple and Amazon will reportedly put feuding aside for the Apple TV

For all there is to like about Apple TV, the set-top box does have one major flaw: no support for Amazon’s widely popular Prime Video service. However, it looks like the two companies may set aside differences and address the

Microsoft Build 2017: the biggest highlights and all the news

Microsoft Build 2017: the biggest highlights and all the news

The second keynote of Build 2017 didn’t disappoint when it came to big announcements, and there were even a few surprises that took everyone in attendance and watching by surprise. Whether another update coming soon for Windows 10, new features,

Best shows on Netflix: 40 great Netflix TV series

Welcome to TechRadar’s always-updated selection of the best shows on Netflix – 40 TV shows that showcase the best Netflix series available in the US.  Netflix’s transition from a DVD rental service to a streaming behemoth has been impressive to