7 amazing things your smartphone's camera can do

Camera phones are changing the landscape of photography.Professionals are carrying them instead of hefty DSLRs, and indiefilmmakers are using them to shoot everything from music videosto feature-length dramas. With advanced features and tons of free editing software, they are becoming

Huge seal battles octopus in incredible fight to the death

A kayaking guide and a group of tourists witnessed an incredible life-and-death fight between a massive fur seal and a massive octopus in New Zealand this week. >> Source: Fox News

These dolls with artificial intelligence can read your child's emotions

Talking dolls are so yesterday.Researchers are working on a new doll that can recognize eight emotions – like surprise and happiness – thanks to a chip and battery that give it artificial intelligence qualities, according to New Scientist. >>

Mars Orbiter snaps fresh photo of Curiosity exploring Mars

Curiosity may be as big as a car, but this photo reminds us just how much of Mars there is to explore. >> Source: Fox News

Yale archaeologists make amazing ancient Egyptian 'billboard' discovery

Archaeologists from Yale and the Royal Museum of Art and History in Belgium have discovered the earliest-known ‘billboard-sized’ hieroglyphs in the ancient Egyptian city of Elkab. >> Source: Fox News

Paris Air Show: 4 exciting new aircraft featured

The Paris Air Show is the largest aviation event in the world and like always, companies from around the world are showcasing their very best aircraft. >> Source: Fox News

iPhone 8 is definitely getting wireless charging, says key supplier

Some of the earliest rumors about Apple’s next iPhone suggested that it would include wireless charging , a feature that’s long been missing from Apple’s smartphones. >> Source: Fox News

Facebook boosts artificial intelligence to block terrorist propaganda

New software is tasked with identifying videos, photos, language and users that need to be removed, at times without human moderators. >> Source: Fox News

Scientists may have found a way to tan skin without exposing it to UV rays

Scientists have discovered a small molecule that may be able to stimulate the darkening of human skin, without exposing it to potentially harmful UV radiation in the process. Here’s how it works. >> Source: Fox News

iPhone 7, 7 Plus remain top sellers as Galaxy S8 sales disappoint in the US

Despite their best efforts, Android phone makers are struggling to achieve growth in the United States. >> Source: Fox News