White supremacist Chris Cantwell kicked off dating site OkCupid

White supremacist Chris Cantwell has been kicked off the dating website OkCupid following his participation in the recent Charlottesville, Va. protests that sent shockwaves across the U.S. >> Source: Fox News

Washing machines can be 30 percent lighter thanks to new innovation

A student figured out how to remove the concrete counterweight from a washing machine, which reduces the weight and CO2 footprint of each machine substantially. >> Source: Fox News

Another alleged Apple television sighting kicks off the rumor mill again

For years, analysts have predicted the coming of an Apple television. Although their prophecies have never come to pass, newly leaked photos indicate that an Apple TV may be in the works. >> Source: Fox News

Google cancels meeting on diversity, citing workers' safety

Google surprised many of its workers Thursday after the company suddenly canceled a town-hall meeting in the wake of the firing of a worker who had written the controversial leaked memo on diversity. >> Source: Fox News

Gene editing breakthrough could pave way for pig-to-human organ transplants

Scientists have harnessed gene-editing technology to eliminate viruses in pigs that could be harmful to people, potentially laying the foundations for pig-to-human organ transplants. >> Source: Fox News

The new copycats: How Facebook squashes competition from startups

Tech startups live by the rule that speed is paramount. Houseparty, creator of a hot video app, has an extra reason for urgency. >> Source: Fox News

Consumer Reports slams Microsoft's Surface line, cites 25-percent failure rate

Microsoft’s Surface family suffered a major blow Thursday, as Consumer Reports not only pulled its recommendation forallSurface-branded products, but moves them into the dreaded “not recommended” category. >> Source: Fox News